Vince Hemingson wrote: “Having a tattoo is a journey, not a destination”, you know where you are leaving from but not where you want to go, where you will want to stop, have a break or who you will share it with.

Art, music and design have always influenced everyday life, even fusing with many everyday products.
OXS, twenty-two years after its birth, renovates itself thanks to an eclectic artist's creativity: Alessandro Bonacorsi, known also as Alle tattoo, 4 Guinness World Record holder, the last of which was the world longest tattoo session (50 hours and 08 minutes).

The OXS by Alee Tattoo shoes are getting ready to walk the street of the world, cancelling space, time and borders of an always more globalised reality. Thanks to its informal and nomadic spirit OXS interprets the world of travels and travellers, their ambitions, expectations and emotions...

"A tattoo on your skin is for all your life, the tattooed OXS tell the story of everyday life"