SS 2018



S/S 2018 Collection

 Year 1991. “Industrial Safety Research”. “Only for radical lovers”:

 oXs starts at its roots to create a collection of unique pieces where the oXs heritage is reinterpreted in a 21st century light yet with much of the DNA remaining that was created and developed in the 1990’s.
The first decade of the new century was characterized by a mix of influences and a melting pot of styles that have been remixed in S/S 2018 in a creative flow between past, present and future, a now more than ever essential combination.
For oXs it is fundamental to look at the past with the eyes of the present. Only this way can the stories be updated.

 An intense season is thus defined that combines key features of the brand - grunge spirit, urban utility, military-inspired and workwear - and gives them new life, in a continuous play of references and quotations.