O.X.S. EVERYDAYLIFE s/s 2015 - Stockholm

Everydaylife, the interactive project by O.X.S., is stopping off in Stockholm, the Scandinavian capital, from 25 to 29 of next August in conjunction with the local Fashion Week.
The city of light imbued with a just seemingly minimalist charm is the protagonist of the journey documented through photos and videos in which the Swedish charm merges with the brand’s spring-summer 2015 collection through real, authentic people naturally interpreting their everyday life wearing the O.X.S. footwear.
So another chapter of the O.X.S. logbook takes place in the capital of design in pursuit of passion and elective affinities joining men and women to the brand’s cult models making them become authentic testimonies of real life.
The spring-summer 2015 cult models will parade along the elegant streets of Stockholm, even livelier and more characteristic thanks to the presence of the fashion people arriving for the fashion week. First of all Frank, the classic desert boot with its marked customisation and the running style footwear in perfect O.X.S. style to walk about endlessly along the capital streets. Lastly, the “artisanal craft” models capture the design soul of Stockholm with their artisanal look and construction, with leather soles made using different lasts for men and women.