PARIS FW 2014/15




Ernest Hemingway once said “There are only two places in the world where we can live happily: at home, and in Paris”. So we decided to try out Paris as the new leg of the O.X.S. EVERYDAYLIFE Tour. A capital of slightly gothic taste, if referring to the beautiful cathedrals, but at the same time romantic and introverted. A city in constant transformation, the kind that never stops, with shopping streets, with crowded days and perfectly staged nights, ideal for those wanting to escape and have fun. A compulsory stop on the tour of Europe's capital cities, Paris above all represents the ultimate point of reference throughout the entire fashion world. And so, for our project, Paris seemed nothing short of perfect: we met some fantastic, helpful and dedicated people who appreciated and understood how to get the best out of the O.X.S. Autumn/Winter 2014/15 collection. Our mission was to merge our items with the city, through real, true and willing people, who spontaneously interpret their lives on a daily basis. Today, we can say that the experiment was a success. Our classic amphibian dark style, together with multi-coloured trainers and striking ankle boots with rubber soles were represented and photographed in the main areas of research, such as the Le Marais quarter and even under the infamous Eiffel Tower, highlighting how exclusive this project is: putting the footwear at the forefront but also all those who, naturally, have an affinity with the brand and are on the same wavelength, becoming witness to the brand in real life, the natural habitat of footwear, of the brand. The wonderful setting of Paris, which gave meaning to our ethos, to what we do, to that in which we believe, to the brand itself, with a feeling as real and authentic as the people who embraced our cause, and who feel, even just for one day, that they are part of a new and fascinating project.