MILAN FW 2015/16



OXS EVERYDAYLIFE a/w 2015/16 Milan

Milan, June 2015. Everydaylife, OXS’s daily journal, lands in the capital of fashion, seeking the everyday lifestyle of real people living in Milan.
“Damned Milan, a formidable and sanguine woman, with two loving breasts ready to feed the world’s peoples”. These are the verses of the poet Alda Merini, written to celebrate the virtues that have always made it stand out – it is welcoming and full of solidarity, but most significantly, words that anticipated the inspirational theme for Expo: “Feeding the planet, energy for life”.
This is the starting point for a celebration of OXS, who chose to represent Italy in the rest of the world in this very town, with a new chapter of EVERYDAYLIFE, an interactive photo and video project in which the cult models from the brand’s autumn/winter 2015-16 collection are worn by ordinary people who invade the city’s streets and districts on a regular basis. The claim has a scent of everyday life, of those working and having fun, those finding love and those grasping the moment... It speaks of truth, and is truth in itself.
And so in the districts of Brera, along the streets of Isola, and in the charming area of Tortona, OXS manifests its essence through the interpretation of people encountered and selected on the street, who become the protagonists of the project along with the collection’s best sellers. The star working boot, Frank, is filtered by original and unusual interpretations, with tattooed, colour-block or studded models; while running shoes are the ideal footwear to endlessly walk or pedal through the streets of Milan.
The city’s oldest soul salutes the “artisanal craft” models, with their hand-crafted look and feel, their tyre-like leather soles and their vintage, worn-in finish. This is the true spirit of Made in Italy, for which OXS is known and loved worldwide.