Miami SS 2014




The Spring/Summer 2014 campaign by O.X.S. stops off in Miami

New stage: Miami. For spring/summer 2014 the O.X.S. advertising campaign stops off in the most populated metropolitan area of Florida, MIAMI. An intense journey, documented through photos and videos on internet telling about everyday life, about working people, about those who enjoy nightlife, about art lovers or about those who love travelling instead; it's about reality! An authentic log book that becomes an emotional video and an untold idea for a campaign. Protagonists: the O.X.S. footwear and humanity according to O.X.S.. All those who have elective affinities with the brand and travel on the same wavelengths become the testimonials of this label in real life, the natural habitat for the brand’s footwear. Miami, like London or New York, like many cities that O.X.S. EVERY DAY LIFE tells about through photos taken "on the road". Famous for the pastel colours of the Art Deco Historic District, and also for the works of art at the Wolfsonian Museum in Coral Gables or for Art Basel, this city has allowed us to plunge into a colourful summer full or art. And the result? A fantastic frame that adds value to what we do, to the brand, a real and authentic feeling just like the people who have joined our cause and feel part of a new and fascinating project.