OXS EVERYDAYLIFE a/w 2015/16 Amsterdam

Milan, June 2015. OXS’s tour is proceeding, bringing Everydaylife across Europe. The interactive project explains the brand’s philosophy by involving real people in the most important cities across the world, including Amsterdam. From March 12th-16th, the capital of tulips and windmills and of nightlife and coffee shops presented an extract of true life, to amplify the attitude and lifestyle of the autumn/winter 2016 collection by OXS. This has been an intense project, and the “Venice of the North”, with its breathtaking views, its misty canals and its lively inhabitants was able to draft a new chapter in this ideal voyage, documented by strongly emotional videos and pictures. Men and women were captured in their daily life by a camera in search of that very same passion and elective affinities that could match them with the brand’s cult models, so that they could become the protagonists and testimonials of the brand in real life - the natural habitat of OXS shoes. In the capital city of creativity, in which the spirit of Rembrandt combines with the iconic ingenuity of Marcel Wanders, the different souls of the brand’s collection proceeded along the picturesque canals, framed by houseboats and bicycles, in an emotional creative merger. In these snapshots, Frank, the brand’s cult boot, can be seen through the lens of growing personalisation: there is no end to tattooed versions, colour-blocks and studs. The waterways and bridges were perfect turf for the running shoes, ideal for walking and pedalling endlessly in the city’s streets, along with the “artisanal craft” models, with their handcrafted look and feel, their tyre-like leather soles, and their vintage and worn-in finish. Once again, Amsterdam was the ideal backdrop for this collection to shine through with its enticing melting pot features.