FW 2017/18



F/W 2017/18 Collection

For Fall/Winter 2017/18 oXs accelerates down the path already taken in the last two seasons. Without losing site of its DNA, oXs presents products developed using new aesthetic and functional codes with strong, purposeful, recognizable character; products that have the courage to evolve as a philosophy contaminated by modern aesthetics; surprising for the unimaginable comfort that unconsciously inspires movement. “Once again with this latest collection, oXs perfects its new generation of ultralight, uniquely functional footwear, designed for everyday life. Cross-seasonal urban utility combines with central values like performance, lightness, design and timeless emotion for footwear that can live anywhere”, declares founder Renato Curzi.
The world of oXs, standing out for the best of expressiveness and of Italian style, is constantly being updated with coherent expressive possibilities, both in product development and materials, from those of traditional high quality to the most unusual and original, while always responding to the words modernity, aesthetics, protection, lightness and movement. An authentic revolution that must necessarily go through evaluation and self-evaluation by consumers who seek stimulation and emotion and who are ready to be taken by the visual but especially by the more intrinsic content. The intent remains, in fact, that of satisfying a latent desire and making it into a real need for everyday life.